Art Reproductions

- Mobile studio

- Accurate digital reproductions of artworks.
- ICC profiled workflow for optimal colour quality.
- Ready for use on web or printing.

Exhibition views

- High quality images of your exhibition.
- Neutral, accurate contrasts and colours.


- High quality images, through the eye of an experienced photographer and visual artist.
- For everything concerning cultural events (Opening of exhibition, performance, live poetry or music event, Art projects, ...)


- Digitize your old analog archives
- Service available for:
    + All VHS cassette formats (VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, ...)
    + Audio cassette
    + All photographic Film starting from small format up to 8x10 inch       negatives or positives
    + All super 8 film

Custom projects

With a professional background in photography and visual art, Kunstvanger provides the possibility to cooperate on artistic projects. Some examples include designs for numerous things such as album covers, Music video’s, portraits, artistic and photographic projects,...

Or, if you have a certain project that you can’t really visualize yourself, Kunstvanger will be happy to work together with you so the exact idea you had in mind can be worked out just the way you wanted it to be.